Neighborhood Tree Removal

thF9VO0IE7I was walking my dog last Tuesday and I came across something very interesting. Something that I never really noticed it before today. It is funny the things that you discover when you take a little to time to look around.

Denver, my dog, and I was mosey along the streets in my neighborhood. He was enjoying the smell of the grass and chasing rabbits. As Denver was frolicking in the dew-covered grass, I was checking emails and text messages on my phone. Taking care of some business before I made it to the office. So I am busy, engrossed in an email from my mom of all people I hear the sound of someone yelling. At first, I ignore it thinking that I was hearing things. At that time of the morning, I really do not hear anything except maybe the sound of the garbage truck. At first, I thought that that was it, the waste management crew. Nevertheless, they only come in that neighborhood on Thursdays.

Checking my calendar on my phone confirmed that the day was not Thursday but in fact, it was still Tuesday. Curious as to see what was going on, I called Denver back to her leash. After securing my lovely Denver, we made our way towards the noise. While we were walking, we saw the most peculiar sight. A squirrel sniffing flowers. It was crazy I did not know animals even thought about flowers. However, this squirrel was standing up on its hind legs sniffing some tulips and roses. In addition, he look like he was really enjoying it. You just never know what you will see early in the morning.

As I was saying I was walking my dog, Denver, when we reached a spot where we could not pass. That just so happen to be the place where the yelling was coming from. Just like that, we stumble across the one place we were actually trying to reach. As we approach closer, I noticed that there was a tree service crew, front Springfield Tree Removal,  working super hard. It was something to see. They were removing this tree. This huge oak tree. The yelling was they coordinating this effort. This great effort to take down this very large maple tree. The crew was working together like a well oil machine.

They were using equipment and terminology that I had never heard before. Who knew tree removal could be such fascinating work. Not just for me but for Denver as well. She did not make a peep the entire time. We were both enraptured.

After a few hours, they were able to safely cut down the tree and pass it through a wood chipper for mulch. It was amazing. It has not to see that they do not waste anything. I often wonder what happen to those removed trees, now I know. Well, at least one way to repurpose an old tree.

All this from a little walk in the morning and a bit of curiosity. It was great and it show that you never what adventure lay ahead.

My Birthday Extravaganza

thONYUWO8NI cannot believe that tomorrow is my birthday. Lately I have been amazed by how quickly time is passing me by. It is like at the blink of the eye an entire year has passed. What going on, I know I cannot be the only one feeling like this. It seems like yesterday I was on my first day of school attending Congress Elementary School. Sometimes I feel as if I am still in high school. Now I have children of my own. It is so wild to even think of it.

My friends and family are planning this huge thing for me. They think that I do not know what they are doing but I do, I always do. Nothing gets past me! It should be fun too. From what I have gathered there supposed to be dinner, paintball, and a party after, at my in laws. I cannot wait!

It is funny because this year I thought I would want a party. That I would feel too old to do so, I really thought that at my age it would be time to settle down and focus on my children, my family, and my business. However, here I am so excited I can barely sit still. I keep making typing mistakes bruise my hands keep shaking with excitement. I also think my wife bought me a new car. However, I am not a hundred percent on that one. I bought some new clothes just for this occasion last week, I think I will go to bed and await tomorrow.

Just as if I thought, it was a great day full with fun and adventure. It started out the entire family eating out at my favorite burger restaurant. I know you hear burger restaurant, and automatically you think of some diner or lowbrow type of place. Nevertheless, not this place, this is the Ritz of burger spots. The meat is cut and ground as you order it. When the menu comes, you have your choice of meat then cut. After you figure out that, you can assemble your burger however, you want it. Sautéed onions, black garlic, shaved truffle, whatever want you they have. After that is all-together, and then pick you side and drink. I recommend the smoked Gouda and lobster mac and cheese.

Then bam you server comes back with a great and delicious meal. Full of love and care. My mouth is salivating just remembering it. Before warned it is quite expensive, that is why we only during special occasions like birthdays.

After dinner, we enjoy a rousing game of paintball. That was hilarious and excessively much fun. After all, of that we met back at me in laws. They have an indoor heated pool, complete with a water slide and sauna. Yes, they have a little money. In addition, their house is sick! Definitely, a great place for a party, of close friends and family of course.

I think my wife did a great job of pulling all of this together. I felt young and care free. Not to mention the memories we will have for a lifetime. I cannot wait until her birthday in a few months. I already have plans on how I will top her shindig. She has been walking around a little too smug, but she has no idea what I have up my sleeve.

I would let you all in on my plans but she reads this blog as well. I cannot let her know bemuse I felt like oversharing!

Business Trip Gone Bad

thEM0K8C58This was by far the worst business trip ever.

I recently had to venture out of town, in Wichita, Kansas, to cover a tree servicing and tree removal conference for business owners and tree climbers. It was a three day conference that consist of discovering new business practices, techniques, new products and product discounts, ethical issuers and how to transits to being ecofriendly and energy efficient.   Although its sounds as if it is boring it was not, I was having fun and meeting a bunch of new people. In addition, learning new things to boot, it was great.

I am learning and experiencing new things having a general great time. Just the other day we learn about a new tree climbing technique that is supposed to be safer and more efficient. Meaning it allows the climber to worker faster and better without the risk of injury. That those that have started using it have reduced their on the job injuries by at least thirteen percent. That is on the low end.

So far, it does not sound like a bad trip, right. To be honest I quite enjoyed the conference itself, as I mentioned before I had learned a whole lot and I met so many wonderful people. Nevertheless, the actual travel part was horrible.

First, I overslept and missed my plane. As I am waiting to board, another one someone spills coffee all over my clothes and luggage. I run into the restroom to try to clean up a bit, but the line was long. Apparently something happen to the plumbing and only one stall or toilet was available for everyone in the airport. For at least thirty five minutes. After waiting fifteen minutes just to get to a sink, I clean up as much as I could then I rushed to catch my plane.

When I arrived at my destination my luggage, somehow happen to get lost. The airport had flown it to Mexico City, Mexico. I will have to wait a day or two to get it. All I want to do is take a shower and change clothes, and I cannot do that because my clothes is in Mexico.

After I calmed down I went to pick up me rental car. Which was a hassle as well because I was late by two hours I had to create another reservation then wait until a car would be ready. This took three hours. The week that I flew in Wichita there were seven different conference going on at the same time? There were an unusual increase in car rentals at all of the car rental agencies.

I finally got a car, which was not the same one I wanted but oh well. I was mobile right.

I arrive to the hotel, check in without any problems, I head to the gift store for some clothes, then took a shower and dressed. Feeling refresh and invigorated I decide to drive somewhere to buy some clothes and others items that was in my luggage. I walk outside to the parking lot looking for my car. When I saw, I wanted to scream, cry, and laugh all at the same time. A tree had fallen onto it. Yes, a tree had fell on the top of my rental car. This means that I have to inform the hotel that they need to get a tree service out here pronto to remove the tree. As well as car the car rental place. They are not going to believe this.

After all, of this I still manage to go to the conference. I am glad I book my hotel reservation in the same hotel the conference is being held at, that means less commute. Now all I have to do is wait on my replacement car to be delivered, my clothes to be returned, and my patience to increase. This trip was a doozy. I think the next conference I may have to skip.

Make Higher Education Affordable

thUCLTRCVXFor years, the youth of America have been repeatedly told that without a higher education there is practically no chance of attaining a job that will provide enough money to support a comfortable lifestyle. Many of us believe this and committed ourselves to four plus years at some college or university. Believing in those elders that told us that it is necessary. Even knowing that many of us will put ourselves into debt before we even had a chance to secure our first job. Higher education is a major investment, one that many deserving and wanting people just cannot afford. Every year, let us be honest, every semester it seems that the cost of tuition is always on the rise. Why make this unspoken requirement in life such an attainable thing?

In South Africa the student, population protested the ever-increasing cost of college and university tuition. They organized and made their voices heard and the please understood. So much so that the president of the country of South Africa, Jacob G. Zuma, decided to put a freeze on tuition cost. Meeting with many student leaders and universities presidents and staff discussing the issues of tuition affordability. He acknowledge higher education is something that should be available to all his constituents. That the cost of tuition is an impossible feat for the poorer population of South Africa. He also commented that until something better can be implemented tuition cost would not increase.

Our president here in America have put into place during his administration implemented programs to make repaying tuition loans subjected to a person’s income. He also put into place a repayment cap. That after twenty or so years of continually payments whatever is left will be forgiven, for those that qualify for this program. Even with these baby steps towards educational affordability it still cost an arm, a leg, and your left kidney to pay for those classes unless the students chooses to go into debt. Really, the only time tuition freeze does happen is on the individual level. Meaning that each individual college and university may choose if they will or will not increase the cost of their tuition. Never an across the board tuition freeze that applicable to all colleges and universities operating in the country of ours. I’m seriously thinking about alternative to college education and getting a corporate job, like maybe network marketing or AdvoCare business opportunity.

Maybe the students both past and present should take a hint from South Africa’s student population, organize and protest the cost of tuition. Demanding the higher education and the government make it affordable to people in all socio-economic levels. Whenever there was, change to happen in this country came about from people fed up with the current state of affairs, organizing and banding together, and fighting the administration both peacefully and at times with violence. This is true with the change of labor laws during the industrial revolution. The working class people organized and fought against horrible working conditions, having children working, inconsistent and poor pay, and the overall horrible treatment of the working class in particular those immigrants and folks with a browner hue their skin.

We should take a clue from South Africa and fight to have a more affordable education system. Something that anyone can afford to attend. It will be wonderful if we can get to a place where a person decides not to pursue education at a higher level because they don’t want to not because they want to but they cannot afford to without being put into the poor house and under crippling debt.

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Life with a Woodpecker

thVPHGJ5IX (2)Last weekend I was doing some yard work. Winter is soon approaching so there was some things I like to do to prepare for it.   In addition, I have a small garden that is still growing; I also needed to do some weeding and harvesting before the squirrels and raccoon enjoy all my hard work. After I finished cutting the grass and picking up some limbs, I noticed some holes in my trees. How odd I thought to myself. What could have done such a thing? I am sure it was not a squirrel or a raccoon. They just do not have to teeth for that. I finished what I was doing outside and decided to contacted a tree service website hoping to find an answer to this perplexing curiously.

After talking with one of the helpful employees at Wichita Falls Tree Service, he was able to pinpoint the culprit. It turns out that all of those holes I saw was from no other than a woodpecker. Unbelievable a woodpecker! I could not believe it. I did not think that woodpeckers were native to my region. After determining what it is, I then ask if they could cause any damage to my trees. Or transmit some type of disease and illnesses. I do not know anything about woodpeckers expect what I glean from cartoons as a kid. I am sure that is an exaggeration.

Turns out, they really do not cause any real harm to a tree. Whew, I was happy to hear that. It turns out that woodpeckers are migratory birds. With different variations depending on what part of the country, you live in. They live off the sap and bugs attracted to the trees. They peck holes into a trunk or limb within a single row or sometimes rolls of small holes. In fact, they may even aid the tree. Woodpeckers feed on those bugs that eat trees such as bark lice.

If you are concern about repeated boring causing the tree to weaken or become susceptible to disease then there are a few techniques to keep those little boogers away. One suggestion I received is to wrap the tree loosely with a burlap sack or other porous and natural material around the targeted area. Another option purchase some type of bird repellant such as, Tangle foot or Bird Stop, place this on the tree and hopefully you will not see the culprit again. Some people have had success with placing bright and reflective items such as aluminum foil; this glitter and sparkle cause the birds to leave the tree alone. There are many different ways to repel these birds. Check out online or call a tree service as I did.

All in all these birds are not a real problem. They rarely do any damages to the trees they peck. Rather than spend my days trying to get rid of birds I am just going to let them be. It is not really worth the effort. Especially finding out that they do more good to the trees they inhabit than they do harm. More importantly, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act does not allow the killing of Woodpecker, unless you have a permit. Which I do not. Welcome home Mr. Woodpecker!

Give me a life in the countryside

I have lived all over this great country but I am never most content than I am out in the county.  There is something about feeling the gently kissed your skin.  Hear the lullaby of the crickets at night or sound of quiet still on a warm afternoon.  Devouring that sweet and clean smell of grass and dirt.  For ya’ll city slickers you probably have no idea what I am talking.  However for those that have been out in the middle of nowhere with grass, trees, and the great blue sky as far as the eye can see.  Then you know what I mean.th7K5SJKUA

Its funny, when I was in high school in small town, USA; I could not wait to graduate and moved to the big bad city.  I had big plans of moving on, going down the fast lane, and never looking back.  In fact I did just that.  This boy graduated top of his class, I was offered full ride scholarship from twelve universities and colleges across the country.  I chose the one farthest from home and the least like it. New York University.

Boy, I was like a pig at the prom.  I was so out of place.  I found out a few things about myself.  One, I have an accent and a thick one at that.  This old Texas boy had to repeat himself so many times I just stopped talking after awhile and pretended I was a deaf mute.  You know how horrible it was not talking for two and a half weeks?  Or if I would talk it was strictly one syllable words.  Short and sweet.  Eventually I attended a speech phonetics class, that class saved my life.

Secondly, I figured that people are a little less friendly in the city than they are back home.  Where I am from a man speaks to a lady, holds the door for her, helps her across puddles, all those chivalrous things most folks only see on television.  I was walking up to my apartment and I saw a nice enough looking lady, so I tipped my hat to her and said, “How do you do, Ma’am?”.  In return she preceded to cussed me out in English and I think two other languages I’ve never heard before.  To make matters worst that so called “lady” had a voice deeper than mine!

The third and last thing I found out about myself is I do not like the big city.  All those people and I  never felt more lonely in my life.  It was like every person was their very own island, surrounded by ravenous alligators.    Well, maybe I’m exaggerating but it took me a long time to make friends.  It was a culture that I was not privy to in the beginning.

But that was a long time ago.  I love New York.  My wife and I love to take long weekends and vacation in New York.  After some time I met some great people both native New Yorkers and newbies like myself.  We made some spectacular memories that I will cherish for a lifetime and stories retell at parties and gatherings.  As a freshman, that of my home town it was hard to adjust Those speech phonetics classes made it a whole lot easier to communicate.  It took my heavy Texan accent and mellow it out to a slight southern drawl that impressed the ladies.  Even with all of that  nothing compare free and open country life.  Yup, I’m a small town boy at heart.  As they say, “You can take the boy out of the honky-tonk but you can’t take the honky-tonk out of the boy!” 

I think my next trip will be to the great state of Georgia!  My family and I have a house out there in Savannah.  I need to go out there and get it in order for the holidays.  I know the trees are overgrown and it probably looks like a jungle.  Guess that mean I need to go to Savannah Tree Service.  If you are in Savannah, Georgia you should check them out too, their amazing! Just  click here and you can see what I am talking about.

The Fate Brought Me to the Trees

untitled (2)

Many people wonder how I got into the tree servicing business.  Really I just kind of fell into it.  It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t my life long dream, or even something I had even considered.   I just happen to be at the right place at the right time as they say.


For a long time I just did whatever I felt like.  I was raised by my grandmother who is what she calls a “reform hippie”… to this day I have no idea what that means.   As a child I was never displine and my grandmother always encourage me to follow my heart and create my own path.  She grew and canned all her own vegetables.  We had chickens for eggs, a cow for milk, and a variety of other animals that provided food and drink for us.  She was really into living off the land and not buying into the commercial living.  Heck, she even made my clothes until I realized that all the kids in school was laughing at me and not with me.  This realization came around the seventh grade.  When Sheila Pernokis drew a picture of me that was not too kind.  Anyway, grandma never instill a need in me to be about the working regular type of life so I never pursued.  If I needed money I worked, if I didn’t feel like it, I didn’t.


Here’s a little background story about me that goes more in depth about me. I was on my way to visit my grandmother in Texas from Indiana.  Driving a beautiful 1976 Ford Mustang I had borrowed from a friend.  This car was beautiful and drove like a dream.   I was just outside of Texas when I stop at a gas station.  One of those one with a fast food place attached to it.  I went inside paid for my gas, the as I standing in the fast food line trying to decide what to get, I over hear an older gentleman on the phone with someone.  He said he needed someone to take care of his trees.  He lived on a large plantation.  He noticed a few of his trees weren’t looking so great and every tree arborist or tree care clinics he called was either too far away or out of business.

Living with my grandmother for so many years I had learned how to care for all sorts of creatures.  Both living and non living.  I waited for him to get off the phone then I asked the man what kind of trees does he has and what’s going on with them.  He explained he had just one this house in a property auction.  It is a beautiful old plantation house built in the eighteen hundreds.  He has plans on converting it into a bed and breakfast for his wife.  But he noticed that the trees needed some care,  really the whole property need some care.  that one of his trees look as though some of the leaves weren’t coming in.  Then he would also like his fruit bearing trees to be pruned, the shrubs in front of his house needs to be taking care of, and he noticed a couple of the trees has split in the based of the trunk and was hoping something can be done for them.  I introduced my self to him and offer to check his trees out for him.  That I could use a little extra money and he sounded like he could use the help.  Agreeing we each order our food to go.


Just like that I acquired my first and most loyal client.  It turned out many people in that area needed reliable and convenient tree care that was close by. I decided to stay in the area.  It was great it wasn’t too far from my grandmother house, my own business, and great friends.  I even met my wife on a job.   It was just that easy.  One day I was a drifter, really, with passing through life and the next I am a business owner and productive citizen.  To this day, thirteen years later, I am still surprise about the changes I made. Hopefully I can keep blogging because I’m enjoying it.

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